The Inner Foundation väljer att investera i Ment – en ny smart digital tjänst för adhd

Ment is a digital service that aims to change and improve everyday life for people living with ADHD. Ment is based on the user’s unique needs by providing guidance, and making the right support available when it is needed – for everyone. Among those who have chosen to invest in Ment is The Inner Foundation, who invests in both for profit and non-profit organisations that are ready to scale to improve the inner health for many.

We have invested in Ment because the waiting time before receiving the right support can make life even more difficult. Ment has developed a service which will be highly user friendly and have the potential to give personalized support and advice. This is important, not just for the person having a hard time, but also for the family and support system around the person. We believe strongly in Jojje and his commitment, combined with his personal knowledge and journey, that the service will be of value to many, as well as to the family and friends surrounding the person”, says Annika Sten Pärson, Founder and Partner, The Inner Foundation

Hundreds of thousands of Swedes today live with some form of neuropsychiatric disability (NPD), which poses significant challenges and difficulties in everyday life for both the diagnosed individuals as well as many in their communities, including their parents. By offering personalized support and acting as a personal everyday coach on mobile phones, Ment is now aiming to make everyday life easier for this group.

The idea for Ment comes from Georgios Karpathakis Jaenson, founder of Underbara ADHD. He grew up feeling that everything he did was wrong, that no one understood him, and that he didn’t fit in. This feeling of hopelessness and alienation led to messy school years, brushes with the law substance abuse and failed suicide attempts. t was only when he was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 25 that everything started to fall into place. Today, he is a respected entrepreneur, lecturer, author, and family man.

I’ve learned how to deal with some of the difficulties that ADHD brings with it and have managed to harness some of its strengths and benefits. Despite this, I and many others that live with ADHD still struggle to have a well-functioning everyday life. That’s why we’re creating Ment, so that all these people can get help to create an easier and more functional everyday life,hich I know from my own experience is one of the keys to an increased well-being and mental health in the long run. Ment will be one of the pieces of the puzzle for this”, says Georgios Karpathakis Jaenson, founder and CEO of Psykisk Samhälsa i Norden AB.

Ment is based on current research, scientific methods, and proven experience. The development is ongoing, in close collaboration with experts from the Center of Neurodevelopmental Disorders at Karolinska Institutet (KIND), among others. A first version is expected to be ready by the end of 2022/2023.

For further information, please contact:

Georgios Karpathakis Jaenson, Founder and CEO of Psykisk Samhälsa i Norden AB, +46 739 332 012

Annika Sten Pärson, Founder and Partner, The Inner Foundation, +46 73 439 06 40

About Ment

Ment is a new smart digital service whose ambition is to change and make everyday life easier for everyone who lives with or near ADHD. An innovation that is based on each person’s unique needs and then guides, coordinates and makes the right support available in time – for each individual. A first version of the service is expected to be ready for launch at the turn of the year 22/23. Ment is developed and owned by Psykisk Samhälsa i Norden AB, which also has the brands Underbara ADHD (Wonderful ADHD) and ADHD-lådan (the ADHD box).

About The Inner Foundation

The Inner Foundation was created as a significant force for good – equal parts impact investor, grant giver, and thought leader. We are witnessing a large gap between academic insight, best practice, and street-level action in the field of mental health and DEI and found it impossible to sit by and watch the problem getting increasingly worse. We instead made it our job to turn insight into action, step by step, and then to accelerate healing of the world to the next level: a world of thriving.

We consider ourselves part empowerers, part activists. We recognize the complexity and still, we aim for solutions that are simple, doable, and powerful. We set out to build an ecosystem of positive change agents with people and organizations that share our philosophy and theory of change. There are thousands of innovative solutions out there that carry the potential for counteracting the problems of loneliness, loss of direction, exclusion, and lack of diversity. We will not rest until these debilitating issues are addressed for real.

Annika Sten Pärson has held C-level top management positions in large telecoms, media, retail and consumer goods companies and has also served on private and public company boards. In 2019, Annika co-founded the Stockholm-based non-profit clinic 1825 – Therapy Centre for Young Adults, serving vulnerable young adults. She currently serves on several boards, including Strong Minds, addressing depression in Sub-Saharan Africa, the World Childhood Foundation, and Ashoka Nordics, the world’s leading organization for social entrepreneurship and changemaking. 

Pär-Jörgen Pärson, is a prolific early-stage venture capital investor for 25 years, having invested and served as board member in game changing companies such as Spotify, iZettle, Spring Health, Avito, Homa Games and many others in his capacity as General Partner at global Venture Capital firm Northzone. Pär-Jörgen serves as a non-executive board member of the Inner Foundation.

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